Jobst Brandt Memorial Ride brings back memories

Jobst Riders prepare to set off on the celebratory ride from Palo Alto. (Chuck Morehouse photo)

Jobst Riders prepare to set off on the celebratory ride from Palo Alto. (Chuck Morehouse photo)

On Saturday we gathered at the hallowed steps of the house of Jobst on Middlefield Road in Palo Alto for a tribute ride and gathering to celebrate our friend’s adventuresome life.

I can’t begin to identify everyone in the photo, but we had Jobst Riders there going back to the 1960s!

Many riders braved dirt Alpine Road, Jobst’s favorite route to Skyline Boulevard, even though they hadn’t ridden there in decades.

Everyone managed to make it up the narrow, bumpy trail with plenty of time to spare for the celebration.

The big yellow bike in the front is Jobst’s old one with a repaired rear stay, owned now by Richard Mlynarik.

So now it’s time for everyone who isn’t riding to get back on and pick up the pace. Jobst wouldn’t have it any other way.

4 Responses to “Jobst Brandt Memorial Ride brings back memories”

  1. ted Says:

    you folks are my heroes……for the record. Way to keep the tradition alive!

  2. gravelbike Says:

    Bravo, Ray. Thanks for posting this.

  3. Jon Spangler Says:

    Thanks for this post, Ray, and thanks to all who gathered today to remember and commemorate our larger-than-life friend and visionary. I hope these rides will continue and I can join you.

    I could not be there this morning, though–I was at Mitchell Park Community Center, teaching middle school students and their parents how to ride safely in traffic. In fact, I mentioned Jobst and Jim Westby riding up Redwood Creek on road bikes with sew-up tires while we were discussing tire pressure during the A-B-C-Quick Checks…. 😉

    I can only hope some of our students will be inspired by Jobst’s life and his book, and perhaps even ride like him some day…

  4. Bill Bushnell Says:

    Ray, thanks for organizing Saturday’s ride.

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