A fair wind blows

Windsock says ride north young man. So I did.

Windsock says ride north young man. So I did.

Note the windsock located on Hwy 1 near Waddell Beach. Winds are from the south. Huh?

Yes, winds do come from the south on the coast, especially when a tropical storm moves in from the Gulf of Mexico.

You can be sure I knew in advance which way to ride today. I motored on the flats and downhills as fast at 30 mph. Not bad for a geezer.

Meanwhile, during my brief stop for victuals, a local resident of Davenport bemoaned the potential naming of the Coast Dairies as a national monument. He sees it as a magnet for more crowding in the form of traffic.

On the bright side, more government money may be shaken out for buying land as open space and that’s always a good thing. I’d rather see our money go here than being spent on needless high-tech weaponry like the F35. Cyber security, now that’s another matter. But I digress.

One Response to “A fair wind blows”

  1. Jon Spangler Says:

    Yes, we DO have southerly winds on occasion. Wind–from any direction–is truly a “four-letter word” when you are riding into it.
    Glad yo had the foresight to look at the wind direction before you left home.

    You are right about the importance of maintaining spending priorities: open space trumps spending on military hardware for me, too…

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