Bohlman Road a good test for Sierra Rides

View from Quickert Road overlooking Saratoga.

View from Quickert Road overlooking Saratoga.

If you can ride up Bohlman Road in Saratoga, you can probably make it over Sonora Pass. They’re both painfully steep.

I couldn’t find out how the road got its name, but no doubt it was named for a Bohlman or Bollman. Road was paved in the early 1950s.

Interestingly, John Brown’s (the abolitionist) second wife, Mary, lived on Bohlman Road for a time in the late 1800s.

The grade is steep for all except the last mile. I saw a maximum 23 percent on my cyclometer and that matches closely with what was recorded by Lucas on his website measuring grades of local roads.

I turned left on On Orbit Drive and descended Quickert, Kittridge Roads, fortunately with no traffic as the roads are barely wider than a large SUV.

It was a muggy, warm day with a fair amount of smog. Imagine what it would be like today if we hadn’t enacted smog regulations, Clean Air Act, EPA, etc.

One Response to “Bohlman Road a good test for Sierra Rides”

  1. Jon Spangler Says:

    You are right about the very positive effects of the relatively minimal air quality regulations we have in effect here in the Bay Area–we would be far worse off without them.

    My father, Ray Spangler, supported the establishment of an air quality management authority during the 1950s when he was the publisher of the Redwood City Tribune, and he had lots of company. I deeply appreciate that aspect of his legacy, and the legacy we have inherited from those who were unwilling to settle with unhealthy air.

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