Mount Umunhum summit poised to open in Fall 2016

The latest word from the open space district is that the Mt. Umunhum summit will be open in fall 2016. That means they’ll repave the five-mile stretch of road up from Hicks Road.

There’s a trail under construction from the Bald Mountain Parking Area a couple miles below the summit, slated to open in spring 2017.

It looks like a decision on the fate of the cube will be determined after October 2017 when a private/public partnership needs to be in place.

As for the opening of Loma Prieta Road, which is what we really care about, there’s no mention of a timeline. I’m still wagering it won’t happen in my lifetime.

KQED posted a nice historic video on Mount Umunhum.

Update: The project completion has been delayed until spring 2017.

One Response to “Mount Umunhum summit poised to open in Fall 2016”

  1. Sam Drake Says:

    Help preserve the historic Radar Tower atop Mt Umunhum!

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