Hickory Oaks Trail brings out riders

Hickory Oaks Trail view looking northwest.

Hickory Oaks Trail view looking northwest.

I’ve been riding on the Hickory Oaks Trail and Long Ridge for about 30 years. Today was one of those days you’ll remember for the fine weather and clear skies, as long as you take a photo.

Highway 9 still has a stop light about three miles up from Saratoga, but it looks like work will be done soon.

Skyline Boulevard has new pavement near the CDF station, but it’s still rough farther north for a few miles. Will they wait until next spring to repave?

2 Responses to “Hickory Oaks Trail brings out riders”

  1. Mike B Says:

    One of my fave spots!

  2. jay Says:

    What’s with repaving Skyline? Are they planning on that? The crap job of only a few years back was a slap in the face to all of us who paid high taxes to live in the area. Bicyclists are in effect the “canaries” of the road network coal mine. A lousy job which we will instantly detect isn’t destined to last for anyone. Now they are going to have a “do-over” of the completely unacceptable job of what, five-seven whole years ago? Unbelievable.

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