Once Upon a Ride…available now

Once Upon a Ride... a compendium of Jobst Rides, available now.

Once Upon a Ride… a compendium of Jobst Rides, available now.

Thirty-six years in the making, Once Upon a Ride… offers the reader the most complete account of Jobst Rides ever. Even if you own the other three magazines, Adventure Rides in the Santa Cruz Mountains, High Sierra and Mount Hamilton by Bike, there’s something new here.

Over the years I’ve posted past ride reports, based on my personal journal, on this WordPress blog and a personal website (no longer active). All of those articles, including 60 new ones about rides with Jobst Brandt and/or his friends, are for sale on Amazon.com.

It’s a lot: 100,000 words, 169 photos, with almost all photos matched to the report. Now you don’t have to search all over the place for Jobst Ride stories, most of which are no longer posted.

All for the price of an inner tube, $5.95.

Available on Amazon.com

These are your options: print, notebook/chromebook or tablet.

These are your options: print, notebook/chromebook or tablet.

7 Responses to “Once Upon a Ride…available now”

  1. Mike B Says:

    Hi Ray,

    Are the other three publications on the Sierras, Mt Hamilton etc , subsets of this one or do they cover other trips etc?

  2. Ray Hosler Says:

    The trip reports are identical, but Hamilton and Sierra have extensive history and other articles not found in Once Upon a Ride…

  3. Larry Says:

    Thanks much, Ray.

  4. ThermionicScott Says:

    Very cool! I always love reading about Jobst rides.

  5. tfunk408 Says:

    Really enjoying reading your ride reports. Also really wish all the private roads would be made open to the public. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Ryan Says:

    I’d be interested in this publication, but seems it is not available. Any way to get a copy?

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Ryan, it’s on Amazon. I updated the link, and you can always click on Amazon.com “My publications for sale” upper right on my home page.

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