Mt. Hamilton quiet on Labor Day

Nice view of tarweed in San Antonio Valley.

Nice view of tarweed in San Antonio Valley.

I saw only 10 riders on my way up Mt. Hamilton on Labor Day. Heading to The Junction I saw none. On the way to Livermore on Mines Road I saw only two riders (1 tandem).

I’ve ridden Mt. Hamilton in September, and what you always see is yellow tarweed everywhere, otherwise known as Madia elegans.

The Junction store continues its modernization after new owners took over, now with a live band on stage outside.

Calaveras Reservoir construction continues, not due to be completed until the end of 2018. We hope.

As I finished my ride 9:17 later, slower every year, I recalled Jobst Brandt’s proclamation: “I’ll do the same rides, only they’ll take longer as I age.”

I missed the live country music at The Junction bar and grill.

I missed the live country music at The Junction bar and grill.

4 Responses to “Mt. Hamilton quiet on Labor Day”

  1. tfunk408 Says:

    I was in the area on Labor Day as well, but I didn’t make it past Grant Ranch Park. Great day for riding, not too hot. Funny, I had just read that quote about getting older and the same rides taking longer in your Adventure Rides e-book earlier this week. I am in my early 30s and it brought me a sense of immense sadness when I read it, but also appreciation. Guess we’ll keep riding til we can’t anymore.

  2. Sourav Says:


    At the intersection of Mt Hamilton and Clayton Rds is a sign that says “San Antonio Valley Rd at Isabella Creek” (

    I know that Mt Hamilton Rd used to be called San Antonio Valley Rd. How about Isabella Creek?

  3. Ray Hosler Says:

    I’ve never ridden up Clayton Road (only down), so I never saw that sign. Looks home made. Odd. There’s an Isabel Creek on the backside of Hamilton, which become Arroyo Hondo, flowing into Calaveras Reservoir. A mystery.

  4. Simon Fraser Says:

    I just want to say thanks, Ray, for continuing to share your rides. Your book and blog describing your adventures with Jobst et al is an inspiration; I’ve found many new rides on roads you describe.

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