Valley Fair expansion considers bicycles

Valley Fair's new parking garage off Monroe has bicycle amenities.

Valley Fair’s new parking garage off Monroe has bicycle amenities.

As I write this, another parking structure is coming down at Westfield Valley Fair shopping center, to be replaced by a six-story garage.

In the next 2 1/2 years the popular shopping mall will be expanded to include movie theaters, outdoor shops/dining and new banks. The cost: 1 billion dollars.

What we won’t see: a badly needed overhead walkway between the shopping center and Santana Row. I’m not sure who made that decision, but it’s regrettable. Additionally, there won’t be any police directing traffic on busy holidays.

The good news is that the new parking structure on Monroe has bike lockers, bike racks, a repair stand and a pump, all covered.

I didn’t try the pump, but it’s hand-operated and is supposed to accommodate both schrader and presta valves.

If you’re concerned about parking, check the Valley Fair website for a real-time view of how many spaces are available.

2 Responses to “Valley Fair expansion considers bicycles”

  1. Richard Masoner Says:

    Not only bike lockers, but FREE electronic bike lockers that work like hotel safes. They’re totally awesome. No need for a smart card or reservation.

    The Dero bike pump is also superior – a ton of capacity, solidly built, pumps smoothly, and the pump head slides right over the valve (either shraeder or presta like you mention) with no problems whatsoever.

    The mall facility manager isn’t a bike guy but went first class on these bike facilities on his own initiative after a short meeting with the bike coalition. He did the research, found the best stuff and pushed for the mall to pay for all of this.

  2. Raymond Hosler Says:

    You’re right. That pump/stand setup sells for $1,300 on Home Depot. I’d never seen it before.

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