Skyline Boulevard washout brings out the gawkers

Skyline Boulevard is closed a mile southeast of Castle Rock State Park. It’s going to be a while before it’s fixed.

Sorry, but I counted myself among the many gawkers who wanted to see the Skyline Boulevard washout at 16169 Skyline on Sunday.

I arrived as a drone pilot was launching his buzzing video camera into the sky. Needless to say, I was not welcome, nor is anyone else except, it would seem, drone pilots.

A semi-official construction person wearing a hard hat told me I had to leave but he let me take a photo and generally was nice enough about letting me have a look, but I can understand his concern. One guy on a motorcycle wanted to ride through, I was told. Looks like enforcement will be ratcheted up.

I was planning to continue riding southeast, but my itinerary was out the window. I could have taken the Skyline Trail, which parallels the road, but it was so wet and goopy, I decided against it. The washout probably didn’t bother the trail.

Instead, the direction of the slide was toward the Deer Creek drainage to the south. The trail is on the opposite side of the slide.

As a Sheriff arrived at the east side of the slide, I turned around, and saw a Sheriff driving up from the west as well.

Highway 9 has so many sags that it will be a while before they’re all fixed. There’s one signal-light work area. The Santa Cruz Mountains still feels like a place under siege by the weather gods.

Beauty shot from Skyline. Clear skies after recent rain and downright cold in the morning.

One Response to “Skyline Boulevard washout brings out the gawkers”

  1. Nick J Says:

    I rode around the slide a few weeks ago using the Skyline Trail. The trail is in fine shape. Riding on Skyline without car traffic to Highway 17 was fantastic.

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