Caltrain proposal for bikes on electric trains

Bike stacking proposals for the new Caltrain cars. Which do you prefer? Vote now.

Caltrain is soliciting your comments on how bikes should be stacked on its new cars, which will be part of the electrification plan.

I prefer the traditional stacking method. Over the years I’ve never had an issue.

Most cyclists tag their bikes, which says where they’re off-boarding, so it’s easy enough to find the right place to place your bike.

The disadvantage of the alternate single-bike stack is that it reduces the number of bikes that can be carried.

I anticipate we will have an increasing number of riders on Caltrain in the coming years, and I’d like to see as many people as possible riding bikes.

Here’s a link to where you can vote.

The presentation was made during the Silicon Valley Bike Summit, held Aug. 8 in Mountain View on the Microsoft campus.

One Response to “Caltrain proposal for bikes on electric trains”

  1. Grego Says:

    I suggested that for bikes they have one side of each car with the hybrid storage while leaving the other half using the traditional stacked storage. Benefits are more customer choice at most times, and better accommodation of unusual bicycles than just the hybrid, with no real downside.

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