My hit and run on Mabury Road

Location of my hit and run today around 2 p.m. Heading west on Mabury Road (Google Maps photo).

Hit and run accidents expose the coward in all of us. I was taught that if you make a mistake, own up to it.

I’m just happy to be alive these days, especially after my own hit and run accident around 2 p.m. at the intersection of Mabury Road and King Road in San Jose.

I don’t remember much, just a car speeding away as I lay on the pavement trying to gather my senses. A concerned citizen advised that I stay down.

It was good advice. I didn’t know what could be wrong, and I hit my head. I’ve trashed three helmets now.

After a few minutes, I got up and felt well enough to talk to the 911 operator. “No ambulance!”

The police arrived, as did the fire department. I had road rash on my left elbow and left leg. Long-sleeve jersey and tights trashed. I must have hit well, because nothing is broken, although I’m sore.

My bike looks like it’s OK, scuffed up brake levers and brake pedal. The firefighter advised that I not ride home, and he’s right. I rode a mile to a location where I could easily get a ride.

I had a smartphone that survived, so I could call, and I had an old driver’s license on me. They’re useful for carrying on your bike, especially since all the information is current for me.

Today I was going to complain about people who trash Mount Hamilton. I alerted the county about the illegal dumping. I guess “trash” is the operative word for my day.

What’s wrong with our world when people see fit to trash beautiful Mt. Hamilton?

13 Responses to “My hit and run on Mabury Road”

  1. Tony Rall Says:

    Sorry about the H&R. No witnesses, I presume. That’s crap.

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Plenty of witnesses. If someone had a dashcam, that would be nice. I’ve used cameras on the bike. The hassle factor gets in the way for me. Too many doodads.

  2. Cathy Switzer Says:

    Sad for the hit and run, thrilled that you’re up to tell us about it. Consider Fly6 and Fly12 cameras – might have some more info re the hit and run.

  3. Rama Says:

    Glad you’re ok. You’ll probably need plenty of ibuprofen tomorrow!

  4. Yury Y. Says:

    I am glad you’re not injured. The fact that you got hit is very unfortunate and sad, but the fact that the driver didn’t have enough courage to face consequences of their actions is very disappointing and saddening. I hope justice in one form or another will find them.

  5. Sourav Says:

    Glad to hear that you are fine and that the extent of your injuries are not serious! I commute daily along Hedding, and sometimes Mabury if I decide to ride through Alum Rock. Both are relatively safe, but I think a bike path is badly needed in this area. This may never become a priority since there may not be as many cyclists in this area compared to the Peninsula and the western parts of Santa Clara Valley.

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Sourav, especially helpful with BART on Mabury. Coyote Creek path is in the planning stage. That will help. A path along Penetencia Creek might work, linking to Coyote. That would be ideal. I use the path under 680, although it floods.

      • Ray Hosler Says:

        Penitencia Creek does have a patchwork trail until King Road. It has so many breaks that I wouldn’t use it. Good for local residents though.

  6. doug moore Says:

    Glad you’re ok. Glad the nice bike is ok. My hit was two Decembers ago. Fractured right foot. Bike frame and fork considered totaled, but in reality, probably could be rebuilt.

    The guy did not run off, and was really sorry. He entered an intersection with low December light blinding him.

    I am still commuting and riding. Hope you will be too.


  7. Grego Says:

    Dear Ray, I’m very glad you’re essentially ok. Be well.

  8. jay Says:

    My H&R was when I got knocked off my bike on El Camino Way in Palo Alto (an offshoot of El Camino) about 30 years ago. It was an early ’70s Detroit behemoth and I’m convinced the driver (probably an old person) had no idea he/she knocked my off my bike–at least I wasn’t hurt at all.

    I worked on Mabury Road for many years. Not the nicest of areas but I wouldn’t consider anything short of the 101 overpass as being that dicey. The Tour de California was ridden by the intersection you were hit on in fact. You didn’t describe your accident very much though–so I can’t really visualize what happened.

    Get you point about risk being cumulative. It’s a tradeoff. Much as I’ve enjoyed biking my whole adult life–I’m not pushing it on my son.

  9. Raymond Hosler Says:

    I cleared King Rd and within a few seconds went down. I don’t remember what happened, but I am told I was hit by a car. I recall a revving sound, so the car must have been traveling at high speed. It was a sideswipe, probably contacting the handlebar. The bike immediately went out and was undamaged. The person who hit me was probably wanted on other charges. I hit fully extended, distributing the impact. All I got was road rash and sore hip. I was completely covered, so that helped reduce the abrasion.

  10. tfunk408 Says:

    Sorry to hear and glad you are okay. I live in the area and consider the area around Mabury and King to be relatively safe, so it’s extra disheartening to hear that this happened there. I have a Fly6 that I’m not very good at using consistently, but this incident is a good reminder. Mend well.

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