Sonoma Valley intact, but hills burned

The land around Cavedale Road in the Mayacamas mountain range suffered extensive burn damage in the October 2017 firestorm. The road offers views of Sonoma Valley and San Francisco.

On a recent ride to check out Sonoma Valley, I did not realize the surrounding hills were so badly burned in the October 2017 wildfires.

I headed up Cavedale Road, a gnarly, steep climb that’s similar to Old La Honda Road, only steeper in places. Cavedale Road residents took a hit from the firestorm that ravaged the hills. I saw burned trees everywhere, but the fire skipped around, so some spots were untouched.

It’s a six-mile climb at a 10 percent grade, with some steep spots of 16 percent or more, peaking at 2,100 feet. The ride down Trinity Road tested my brakes. It’s about 12 percent the whole way down to Highway 12.

I’ve visited Sonoma over the years, enough to realize that Sonoma and Napa Valley have become commuter havens for people working in San Francisco. The traffic on Hwy 12 and Arnold Drive is unbelievably heavy during weekdays. I can only imagine what it’s like on a weekend during peak tourist season.

The county plan for a bike path along Hwy 12 from Sonoma to Santa Rosa can’t come soon enough.

I checked out the Napa Valley Vine Trail, starting in Napa and going north. Eventually it will extend north for 45 miles, starting in Vallejo.

The trail is nice for staying off Hwy 29, but there’s Solano Avenue right next to the trail, which doesn’t have much traffic. However, the trail cuts through downtown Napa, reducing the hassles of riding in traffic. There’s an impressive recreation path spanning Hwy 29.

Fortunately, you can still avoid traffic by riding up the steep roads in Sonoma Valley and Napa Valley. Just be sure to leave EARLY to avoid valley traffic.

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