Bay Trail Phase 1 improvement complete

San Francisco Bay Trail improvements are complete near Baylands Park in Sunnyvale.

(UPDATE: Dec. 4): This new stretch of trail is not up to par with previous work on the Bay Trail farther west, also funded by Google. I talked with some contract workers as they were using a road roller to compact the trail some more. Based on our conversation, it was clear that they were addressing complaints. I think the issue is that the contractor used a different aggregate, sandier and more susceptible to water saturation. It’s still better than no treatment at all, but not by much.

Another 0.6 miles of improved San Francisco Bay Trail is open, located near Hwy 237 in Sunnyvale.

Now it’s up to the Santa Clara Valley Water District to complete the Bay Trail improvement all the way to the improved trail to the west, about a mile and a half.

Phase 2 improvement was just an oil coat along the Hwy 237 frontage path.

Thanks Google for funding the Bay Trail upgrade.

5 Responses to “Bay Trail Phase 1 improvement complete”

  1. Bob Gong Says:

    Perhaps the SF2G Ride Members helped to bring Google funding to the Bay Trail? It’s a guess after reading the article of the route this group has riding from SF to the Google campus in the latest issue of Bicycling……

  2. Larry Klein Says:

    Hi Ray, now that the rain has started this new decomposed granite stretch is a gooey mess. The older crushed granite trail to the west is just fine by comparison. Do you know how long it takes these surfaces to harden? I’d attach a photo of all the rutted bike tracks but don’t think I can here. It’s difficult riding there right now. I’m curious if you know about this. Thanks in advance.

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Larry: I was not aware. I’ll check it out while it’s still wet. It is a different material from the looks of it, although the worker I spoke to claimed it was crushed granite. Looks more like sandstone. The trail is in the city of San Jose. The trail improvement stops at the Sunnyvale boundary. Google paid for it. I’d post concerns on Twitter – @sanjosetrails. They’re good about responding.

  3. Larry Klein Says:

    Hi Ray,
    A quick update on this trail segment. The recent dry weather has significantly improved conditions. Right now it’s smooth and firm. Hopefully it will remain this way after the upcoming rains.

  4. New Bay Trail extension looking good | Silicon Valley Cyclist Says:

    […] complained about the muddy conditions after last month’s rains, but it looks like the trail has dried […]

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