Skyline Boulevard closure just about over

Skyline Boulevard repair is almost complete about a mile southeast of Page Mill Road.

Skyline Boulevard, closed since February 4 due to a road washout 5 miles northwest of Highway 9, will open on Monday, April 18, or thereabouts.

I checked it out today. The road had just been paved. It needs time to settle and the crews need to clean up.

It sure looks like the newly repaired road is narrower. Steel beams reinforce the downslope that washed out and undermined the road.

I’m not sure if the traffic signals were there before the repair. It makes me wonder if this is a temporary fix with a one-way traffic light. It might explain why the road is so narrow.

Skyline Boulevard closure. Note the traffic signals.

If you want to visit the site, you can. Skyline is only closed where the repair crews are working. There’s access to a MROSD trail that borders a Christmas tree farm on the south side. Look for a locked gate before the road closure.

The gravely dirt road has ups and downs for a quarter mile.

2 Responses to “Skyline Boulevard closure just about over”

  1. Rama Says:

    Meanwhile the section of Skyline between OLH and Kings Moutain is still 1 lane with lights. The land slide looks as large as ever. Maybe they’re waiting for the rainy season to end?

  2. jamesRides Says:

    Rode 35 again today. Upon observing the repair more closely there is definitely only one lane Looks like it will be single lane for quite awhile. The traffic light installation looks to be of high quality and semi-permanent.

    Also: unfortunately lots of traffic south of the repair area in the afternoon.. The road closed signs are still up at Page Mill intersection, but it looks like they removed the large signs at the highway 9 intersection, only the signs at Grizzly remain. I was wondering why so much traffic – mostly high speed auto racers, only a few motorcycles.

    On the bright side: the section of Skyline north of Page Mill and south of 84 was very quiet especially for late Sunday morning. No motorcycles and no speeding race cars. Very pleasant ride.

    Also: Old La Honda West: Yes the road is closed, but no signs that say “No bikes” as were present in 2017. So I tried it. One small section of the road is damaged – about three fourths having slid. So 1/4 of road remains and bikes can get through. Large cement blockades block the road near the washout, as it is dangerous, but bikes can pass to the side of these blockades.

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