Old La Honda Road succumbs to winter’s rain

Old La Honda Road west had a culvert meltdown. Culverts can be blamed for many road problems.

UPDATE: The road was repaired and is now open. October 12, 2019

As you already knew, Old La Honda Road (west) took a hit this winter when a chunk of road 0.3 miles south of Skyline Boulevard fell downslope.

Two concrete barricades make it impossible for cars to get through.

This slide resembles the one in 2017, 3/4 mile downhill.

I had other plans, so I continued south on Skyline Boulevard. I was none too happy to see the yellow markers installed down the middle of the road at the scenic overlook. Is this necessary?

Now cyclists have to ride through a narrow section that will make car encounters unpleasant. Drivers often hit 60 mph on this stretch. Let’s hope they slow down here.

Today was one of those days when you wish you were young and strong again. Such lovely weather and so little traffic.

Whoever approved this abomination has no empathy for cyclists.

4 Responses to “Old La Honda Road succumbs to winter’s rain”

  1. jamesRides Says:

    Those little plastic lane markers represent the extent of policing activity on Skyline. That overlook is notorious as a nighttime gathering place for street racers both autos and race cycles. The road surface is usually covered in “donut” marks from weekend extravaganzas. So the yellow markers are designed to prevent that. Thanks San Mateo!

    I’m hoping that we get more slides on 35 this year. There is still time. The single lanes with traffic lights are a good way to control speeders and we need more of them. There literally is no speed enforcement on 35/Skyline. MPROSD has a way stronger presence to enforce mountain bike trail speed limits in the surrounding Open Space than any CHP or sheriffs presence along this road. Highway 84 west is similar.

  2. Raymond Hosler Says:

    I avoid the Santa Cruz Mountains on the weekend. Traffic is not as bad as Marin County, but it’s getting there. Yes, we need lights every half mile. Residents would welcome them, and the speeders would hate it, maybe even go elsewhere. Another method to slow and reduce traffic is to let the roads become extremely potholed, like Highland Way.

    • jamesRides Says:

      Most likely just two random weekends of speed enforcement per summer on 35 north of 9 would suffice.

      Santa Clara County Sheriff used to have speed enforcement events on 9 in conjunction with Saratoga and they gave out lots of tickets. Don’t think they do this anymore though.

      There are some still some excellent (calm) loops in Santa Cruz mountains on weekends though.

  3. Keith Vetter Says:

    Rode West Old La Honda last Friday (August 2) and looks like they’re starting to fix it. They’ve replaced the concrete barriers with 6′ chain link fences making getting around much more difficult. There were a couple of heavy duty construction vehicles at the slide site. I actually prefer having the road closed to cars.

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