Skyline Boulevard slide near Skylonda

Work continues on Skyline Boulevard slide west of Skylonda. (Mobius image)

I decided to check out the slide on Skyline Boulevard that’s 0.87 miles west of Skylonda.

The damage to the upslope is substantial, so there’s a lot of equipment in place to fix the hillside. That’s why there’s a stoplight. Half the road is taken up by heavy equipment.

Looking at November 2017 Google Map images of this location, there was already sagging in the hillside. I don’t know when it got worse.

The good news is that Kings Mountain Road is free of mudslides, although I rode through Huddart Park, so I didn’t see the lower section.

I think traffic drives too fast on Skyline, but that’s just me. Also, I thought the days of muscle cars came and went in the 1960s.

Many cars I saw qualified as souped up Hemi-engine growlers.

2 Responses to “Skyline Boulevard slide near Skylonda”

  1. Simon Fraser Says:

    Lower part of Kings is fine (descended it today). W. Alpine and Page Mill are also in good shape.

  2. Robert Neff Says:

    I think last weekend (March 16-17) was the nicest in awhile, and I thought there were more cars, both beach goers and sports cars, than usual from SkyLonda to the coast on 84, and more cars on Kings later in the day. Not just cyclists wanting to get out on the roads.

    The amount of water running across 84 was unexpected in places.

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