Avenue of palms also a good bike route

If you’re headed to downtown San Jose, there’s no better route than Park Avenue and then Martin Avenue, where you can check out dozens of palm trees lining the bumpy street.

Martin has some of San Jose’s more eclectic homes dating back to the 1930s. It’s a good route to take to avoid The Alameda and its traffic.

If you do have to ride through downtown, going west to east, take San Fernando Street, which has a bike lane. The best, most direct route under the train tracks is Santa Clara Street.

Downtowns offer cyclists an opportunity to dodge a flurry of obstacles while sharpening their riding skills.

Martin Avenue in San Jose has plenty of charm with its many palms.

2 Responses to “Avenue of palms also a good bike route”

  1. Martin Says:

    Park Avenue and Martin are OK, but that then puts you on the Alameda which can be busy and which doesn’t have a bike lane until you reach Stockton.

    A better bike route into downtown is Park Avenue past Martin, all the way under the tracks — the under-crossing is gentle and the street is wide there. Then a left turn on Bird/Autumn for one short block, and then a right on San Fernando. Bike lanes the whole way.

    Just be careful at the intersection of Park and Meridian, where Park makes the half left turn. Many cars make a half right onto Meridian, and the bike lane crosses the right-turn lane.

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      I was headed to 3rd and San Fernando, so Santa Clara Street made the most sense. Park is nice, but it leads to Cesar Chavez Plaza’s one-way loop. I used to ride through downtown around 8:30 on a Sunday headed to Mt. Hamilton. No problem with traffic at that hour.

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