Alpine Road then and now

Alpine Road just past the green gate today.

Alpine Road at the same location in May 1990.

This morning I decided to check out Alpine Road and take a photo to compare it to the same location from May 1990.

That year is pivotal in the road’s long history. The last time San Mateo County graded the road was December 1989.

While climbing the shaded, paved section of Alpine Road, a rider passed me wearing a Veloro Bicycles jersey. It had to be Gebhard Ebenhoech, the shop OWNER, so I caught up.

We exchanged pleasantries before I headed past the green gate at Alpine Road where the dirt begins.

It didn’t take long to find the spot, which is only a couple hundred yards past the green gate. I’m pretty sure this is where I took the photo. Even if it’s not, you get the picture.

The tree on the right resembles the one from 1990. Of course the terrain has changed to the point of being unrecognizable after 30 years.

The whole point of this exercise is to remind everyone, for the millionth time, that Alpine Road used to be our gateway to the Santa Cruz Mountains.

It was far and away the best route to Skyline Boulevard, avoiding all traffic and offering spectacular views higher up.

Late-summer days like today weren’t so pleasant back then either, as the dust accumulated on the road, but it was still a good ride.

2 Responses to “Alpine Road then and now”

  1. Keith Vetter Says:

    So how is it now as a way to Skyline? Is it still a viable option or is the bypass of the washout too rough?

    • Ray Hosler Says:

      Some walking will be required on the bypass trail, unless you’re on a mountain bike and a strong rider. Poison oak encroaches in places along with other dense brush. Some riders descend at speed. MROSD contracted to have the last mile before Page Mill Road widened. Not sure when this will be completed. Overall, the road has become a narrow, rutted trail.

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