San Vicente Redwoods trails near Santa Cruz moving ahead

This map shows the location of future public trails in the lands above Davenport, Calif.

Coming in 2020 — a new 30-mile hiking and mountain bike trail network overlooking the Pacific Ocean and Santa Cruz.

It’s called San Vicente Redwoods. I stopped by the Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz booth at the Monarchs Day celebration on West Cliff Drive to get the latest update from Dimitry Struve.

The property is owned by Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and Sempervirens Fund, and operated by the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County. Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz has a leading role in building and designing the trail network.

Thanks to their expertise, no trail section will be steeper than a 10 percent grade.

Mountain Bikers of Santa Cruz are helping build the San Vicente Redwoods trails.

There’s more. The land surrounding Davenport is part of Cotoni-Coast Dairies National Monument, administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). It’s closed to the public, but the plan is to build connecting trails to San Vicente Redwoods.

That means cyclists and hikers can go from the upper reaches of Empire Grade to Highway 1 all on trails. The BLM trail is not as advanced in planning as San Vicente Redwoods.

However, there is a plan to make Warrenella Road accessible prior to the BLM trails being built.

From what I can see on Google Maps, the gated road is paved where it joins Cement Plant Road in Davenport, for a couple of miles or so.

I’ve never had the occasion to explore this section of the Santa Cruz Mountains, outside of Bonny Doon Road, Empire Grade, and Eagle Rock Trail.

I can imagine that in the future the trails will join up with those in Wilder Ranch State Park.

Anyone wanting to ride a bike on West Cliff Drive to enjoy views of the Pacific Coast would be advised to do so during the Monarchs Day celebration.

Thousands of local residents turned out to enjoy the sun and hear local bands perform, and learn about environmental activities in the area.

Monarchs Day brought out Santa Cruz cyclists to enjoy the sunshine.

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