Castle Rock State Park becomes a water stop

Castle Rock State Park has a water fountain and flush toilets at the new parking area.

Millions of dollars later, Castle Rock State Park on Skyline Boulevard, two miles southeast of Hwy 9, finally has a nice parking lot, with a water fountain and bathrooms.

Sempervirens Fund raised the money to buy the land, with other construction funds coming from Friends of Santa Cruz State Parks and our California state parks agency.

In addition to water fountains, the parking area (90 spaces) has six flush toilets, an amphitheater, electric vehicle charging station, free WiFi, and a small native plant garden.

Overflow parking is still available along Skyline next to the old entrance. The new entrance has a trail to Castle Rock Falls, one of the most popular trails in the park.

Skyline Trail (Bay Area Ridge Trail) and Service Road Trail are the only legal cycling locations in the park.

Several other roads I’ve ridden ought be open for cycling. Future generations have something to strive for.

It was toasty warm on Thursday, but cool in the shade on the climb up Hwy 9.

With the amount of traffic on Hwy 9 these days, I don’t recommend it for weekend riding, but it’s fine on a weekday.

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