Bike riding on Hedding increases by 23 percent

A cyclist rides by during my bike survey on Hedding.

Before cyclists jump with joy and motorists fume, first read the details of my bike survey on W. Hedding Street at Park Avenue in San Jose.

I’m comparing today’s results (November 4, Monday) with those for November 14, 2017, a Tuesday. The weather couldn’t have been better this morning. In 2017 it had rained the previous day, although the streets were dry.

Here are the numbers:

2019 / 2017

Cyclists on Hedding – 37 / 30
Cyclists on Park – 39 / 27

Pedestrians – 52 / 73

The time of day for both counts was 6:45 a.m. – 9 a.m.

I consider a 20 percent increase a modest gain. There are many variables to consider, but the two dates are essentially the same. Today was the start of standard daylight time, so there’s more light in the morning.

I saw several youths pedaling, probably to Herbert Hoover Middle School on Park, or Lincoln High School on Dana Avenue. I’m always amazed to see students riding bikes to class. It used to be common, a century ago.

Car traffic was not nearly as bad as two years ago. I credit this improvement mostly to commuters finding different routes to work. I saw only one instance where a few cars missed the light at Park due to congestion.

Based on my recent observations, there’s a lot more traffic in the evening clogging Hedding.

Nearby Naglee Avenue, not on a road diet, has absorbed some of the change in traffic patterns.

My survey on Pruneridge Avenue near the Apple HQ showed 50 cyclists pedaling to work. There aren’t many large businesses near Hedding at Park.

It’s pretty obvious who is commuting and who is just out for a bike ride, based on how they dress. I saw only one rider who looked like he was out for exercise.

As I’ve said before, the Hedding Street restriping has greatly improved bike safety. One of these days, let’s hope, more cyclists will take advantage of the benefits.

2 Responses to “Bike riding on Hedding increases by 23 percent”

  1. Tongpocalypse Says:

    That’s encouraging. I’ve always wondered whether people actually make use of the bike lane on Hedding. Of course, I personally enjoy having it available. The main issue I have with Hedding is that there are way too many stop lights (from the flea market to Civic Center) and nothing of utility it interest in between.

  2. Geoff Says:

    Hi, I ride Los Gatos to Milpitas and back commuting 3 times a week. West Hedding is getting safer in my opinion all the time but Park I avoid in the evening. While more people are definitely riding, i still see the same faces each week…
    Ride on and thanks for the blog

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