“Bike Column Memories” brings the 1980s to life

Available now on Amazon.

Back in the 1980s I wrote a column for the San Francisco Chronicle (1985-1988). I repackaged the articles and posted them in print and ebook. Available on Amazon.


Kindle ebook

There’s more…I’m packaging this blog into a single ebook, with photos.

And even more soon…but it’s a secret. Stay tuned.

One Response to ““Bike Column Memories” brings the 1980s to life”

  1. jay Says:

    I remember the column. I loved the Sporting Green with Lowell Cohn, Glenn Dickey, & Ray Hosler–whose columns helped motivate me to get on my bike. The decline of the SF Chronicle (replicated in many cities flagship newspapers) is something that is so sad. I’ll check out the e-book for old times sake.

    Also, while 30+ years ago was in fact a long time ago, what’s even more amazing is how much bicycle technology has been refined and improved over the ensuing decades. This hasn’t happened with all technologies–a piano or electric guitar is still pretty much the same thing today as it was then. I feel fortunate to live through this era of change in bicycles.

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