Miracle on Mabury Road

Mabury Road has been repaved and restriped. It’s a huge improvement.

As I pedaled on Hedding Street toward the San Jose BART station, I contemplated the letter I would write to the city of San Jose about the wretched condition of Mabury Road.

I crossed over Hwy 101 and turned right onto Mabury, only to see a Christmas gift from the heavens above. I, of little faith, had been taught a lesson. Never give up hope.

Mabury has been repaved and striped with bike lanes. It even has bollards near the yet-to-open BART station.

My last trip here on March 18, 2018, nearly cost me my life as I was sideswiped by a hit-and-run driver at Mabury and King. Not one to tempt fate, I choose not to ride here anymore, except today.

I made it past King without incident and continued on to Alum Rock Park to enjoy, I thought, some solitude. However, the park was open and I’ve never seen more cars than I did today.

The next step in the long and winding road of bike progress here will be the completion of Coyote Creek Trail at Mabury. I expect it will happen in 25 years or so. The plans have been posted for quite some time, and by all appearances it will be a spectacular trail extension, linking Alviso to Morgan Hill.

BART San Jose on Mabury Road waits for the first train, looking like a ghost town. It might open in 2020.

One Response to “Miracle on Mabury Road”

  1. Tongpocalypse Says:

    Hope the connector happens sooner than 25 years.

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