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San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail, Reach 3, Open

June 12, 2009
San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail at the Caltrain underpass

San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail at the Caltrain underpass

For the first time, I rode Reach 3 today heading south from Agnew Road to Monroe Street, where the path ends (1.8 miles). There’s a stop sign at Monroe Street. The street light at this intersection is not yet activated.

The other unfinished items I noted a few weeks ago are done — signage and pole barriers to keep out unauthorized vehicles.

I suspect the trail is open for good and not just for maintenance.

How much time does it save me? I have a mile more of non-stop riding. I no longer have to stop for the light on Kifer and San Tomas Expressway. Nor do I have to climb the train overpass on San Tomas, but that’s no big deal. That’s it. So I’m not going to save much time.  I may save a minute on average, but it’s a lot more fun riding here than on San Tomas Expwy, so I will use it all the time now.

I’ll also be much more likely to wait for the light at Monroe Street and then pick up Los Padres Boulevard going south rather than riding San Tomas. Taking Los Padres is a bit slower, perhaps, but less stressful. Way to go Santa Clara!